Advantage One

"In choosing DPS, you will not be sending your child to just any good school, but to a very special school."

DPS has a history rooted in India's Independence, and oriented towards the 21st century. It has a world-wide presence and global relevance. The school is value driven, academically uncompromising and imparts skills for life. DPS is like no other school. Your child is special and deserves to be sent to a school that will reveal and develop your child’s unique capacities, promote holistic growth and provide lasting and precious memories.
DPS Highlights
Pioneer in education since 1948
150 schools in 11 countries
Registered under the society’s Act in 1948
Progressive approach and high standards
Proven commitment to excellence in education
Complete School Education from KG to +2 with CBSE Curriculum

The Delhi Public School, Vijayawada is guided and nurtured by the Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi compromising of eminent and accomplished people of National Stature.

DPS is your child’s best friend. The school provides the best for your child, just like you do. DPS will strengthen the students’ cultural roots, expand their thinking, nurture their well being and equip them for future possibilities and challenges. DPS will prepare your son or daughter to give and receive the best in life.

Service before self: The DPS Mission Statement
• We aim to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare capable and responsible citizens for the 21st century.

• We ensure that DPS students are helped to master the expanding horizons of technology and also become the repository of a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture.

• We enable DPS students to be equipped to access the best opportunities of growth and advancement. We train them linguistically and culturally. The concept of ‘enlightened citizens of the world’ is the backdrop of all our efforts.

• We earnestly sensitize the students of DPS to environmental concerns evoking in them the feeling of Nationalism, communal harmony and motivating them to follow the motto of ‘Service before Self’ by serving others willingly, graciously and selflessly.


Advantage Two

State of the art Education

Delhi Public School imparts a ‘no-nonsense’ education from KG to +2 to protect your child’s future.


CBSE Curriculum
The school follows the proven CBSE Curriculum. The core syllabus is strengthened and supplemented with inputs by recognized experts from MIT, IIT and Stanford University. Mindless cramming is replaced by in-depth learning. Concepts are clarified and methodical practice makes them perfect. The best practices in holistic education replace the previous lopsided, outdated and unhealthy approach. The recent changes in the CBSE Curriculum are effective in developing analytical and reasoning skills. This also reduces unhealthy pressure on the students due to unrealistic expectations. Continuous assessment is broad based and inclusive.


+2 Features
  • Wide subject options for career moulding.
• Focus on National Level entrance Tests
• Special Emphasis on development of Life skills.
• Sports & Activities embedded.

Holistic Development

Besides uncompromising academics, a host of activities and initiatives serve to address the non-scholastic needs of the students. Learning goes beyond book knowledge. It includes attitudes, values and actions.

Exchange programs and competitions between DPS schools provide a world of opportunity for showcasing talent and National exposure. DPS neither believes in nor practices judgmental punishment. Instead, counseling is provided to facilitate positive change in the student’s behaviour. The primary classes follow the Xseed Curriculum. This global activity based program provides a lot of fun while clarifying concepts.The program allows children to learn and progress at their own pace.

Peer Support Initiative
The Peer Support Forum is where children will find someone trustworthy to confide in, someone of their own age. The forum provides counsel and support for small children and teenagers struggling with personal problems, study challenges and more. It is managed by older, more mature students and guided by a trained teacher.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times. Most problems get resolved. This improves academic performance and personal effectiveness. A separate room is provided for this forum. DPS encourages healthy relationships and proactive problem solving. DPS promotes peer group mentoring, strengthen learning and passing on the knowledge skills and attitudes.
Parents as Partners
Spectrum and Vibration are two platforms for parents to engage in their child’s journey of personal growth and academic achievement. They also come to understand how their child relates in a group and get insights into their child’s behavior. Spectrum gives every child a chance and the needed support to participate. The children perform before their parents, illustrating concepts they have learnt. Stage fear is removed, confidence is enhanced and the student learns that winning is good, but it is not the end. These activities improve the relational skills of the child at home and in the school.
A Positive Synergy
In Vibration, parents speak and interact with the class in which their child studies. This creates a positive synergy between the parents and the school. The program strengthens family values, encourages a positive attitude and parents get a feel of their children’s learning environment.

Spectrum and Vibration are two strong bridges connecting the home to the school and the classroom. Parents are seen as significant stakeholders in their child’s progress and development.

This is another opportunity for parents to engage with their children’s education, exhibit their own talents and share their learning.
A Design for Change

DPS puts its motto “service before self” into practice and believes in giving back to the community. In this program Dipsites have engaged with less privileged children and school dropouts in government schools. They have taught songs, taken activities, talked about health and hygiene. This resulted in 15 dropouts rejoining their school. It also helped the students to realize that they can make a difference and make the world a better place.

Student Voices:

"I’m learning to solve my own problems and help other."
- Bhargav Reddy, class VIII

"I began to understand the problems faced by poor children due to lack of education."
N.S.S. Akhil, class VII

Dine with Dipsites

DPS students are known as Dipsites. They get a chance to have a meal and interact with an eminent personality, who comes as a guest. This turns into a delicious learning experience, rich with career guidance and life-building interaction.

Student Voices:

"I’m learning to be a better individual."
– N.Akhil, class IX

"We like the projects and interactive sessions with different thinking and lots of sessions with different thinking and lots of ideas."
Tarique Ali, class IX

A Treasure Chest of Life-Building Activities

There is always something happening at DPS – Vijayawada…
Something to learn, competitions to participate in, International days to observe, festivals to celebrate and lot more…..



Advantage Three

Competent and Caring Faculty

DPS is proud of its highly qualified teachers, who give their best and strive to blend individual care with team spirit, subject knowledge and expertise in the latest pedagogy with child-friendly classroom management.

Teachers are facilitators of learning. Classrooms are participative arenas where students ask questions and learn through role plays, group discussions and other activities. Teachers give priority to clarifying and reinforcing concepts and clearing doubts. They help the children take responsibility for their own learning and also improve their communication skills, self-esteem and confidence.
The Winning Edge
The DPS Society Human Resource Development, Research and Training Center at Dwaraka provides regular capacity building programs for teachers. DPS faculties fine-tune their teaching skill, enhance their understanding, and upgrade their knowledge at this unique resource center. Their professional growth enhances their competency to provide a holistic education and maintain high standards.

The Center runs in-service training programs on emerging requirements, like evaluation process and methodology, communicative English, class management, child development and adolescence, IT skills, health and environment, life skills and physical education. The resource Center also functions as a meeting ground for the children of all Shiksha Kendras, bringing hope and joy to marginalized children.

Advantage Four

World-Class Learning Environment

Delhi Public School is all about creating space for your child to stretch and grow in all dimensions. The future demands high academic performance, excellent social skills, emotional maturity and well developed skills and talents. To facilitate this, we have created a world-class learning ambience in our campus.
Modern Labs

At DPS, the laboratories add excitement and practical value to classroom learning. The high-tech chemistry, physics, biology and computer labs are well equipped to test the validity of theory, under careful guidance.

World Class Library
The DPS library provides a range of learning resources. Carefully selected books, magazines and journals are available to the students. CD-ROMS and internet access provide wider knowledge.
Advanced Computer Labs
DPS computer lab is continuously kept upgraded to ensure that students acquire relevant IT skills. Students get substantial hours of practice to hone functional skills in software and hardware.

Space Age Careers

From launching pads and modern railway stations to ancient caves and art exhibitions, DPS students are taken on field trips, filled with adventure, excitement and experimental learning. It widens their experience of the world, helps them think beyond the box and expand their career options. It provides exposure to our rich heritage and culture, imparting timeless values for life.

Students also visit old age homes and similar places, to become sensitized to the human conditions and learn to be socially responsible.

"DPS students have visited the NASA Space Center at Houston, Unites States."

International Flavour
Delhi Public School is actively pursuing an association with the British Council. This will provide for a more global approach and strengthen the school’s international orientation. The school often gets visitors from other countries. They interact with the students on a range of subjects and issues.
Star Time Program
Books contain a world of knowledge and enjoyment. Hence, reading is an essential skill for learning. This program helps the students to build their communication skills in English and their vocabulary. It enhances their pronunciation and encourages the reading habit.
Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies
“An active mind in an active body” is the mantra for success. Trained coaches and good facilities are available for students to develop their physical fitness and pursue a sport of their choice, such as:

  • Table Tennis
  • Basket Ball
  • Cricket
  • Chess
  • Roller Skating
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball

There are opportunities to participate in Inter-school, state and National events to become more competitive.

Homely Care
Hostel facilities include air – conditioned rooms with cupboards, hot water in the bathrooms and clean, well-maintained toilets. A large dining hall with serving counters and hygienic-conscious staff provides healthy and timely meals. The presence of senior resident faculty and professional security provide a safe environment.

Advantage Five

Value Added Education
Delhi Public School provides unmatched value for the investment you make in your child’s education. DPS focuses on the over all development of your child, without compromising academics or neglecting other growth areas. It provides critical inputs, careful guidance and a range of opportunities for your child to discover and display latent talents, develop creativity and practice communication skills.

Delhi Public School – Vijayawada was established in the year 2007. Student strength is increasing year after year, as parents discover the unique advantages that DPS offers. The school offers a world-class education at fee that is comparable with any other good school of its stature. In fact, DPS offers you and your child much more. To find out, come and visit our campus.
The Colours Of Success
Success in many colours, such as the winning of a competition or getting the highest marks. It is also about becoming a better, happier and selfless human being. Success lies in being your best and giving your best, even when no one claps or gives an award. Students at DPS-Vijayawada see failure as a learning experience and a temporary phase. They are encouraged to move on, to give their best and to win against odds. The school not only celebrates achievers but also every effort made by the students.

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